Christopher Cuseo is a Los Angeles-based fine artist with a formal education in design from UCLA. He has spent the past 30 years honing his artistic vision to produce the poignant, refined artworks he is recognized for.

His large-scale allegorical paintings hang in the homes of art collectors and can be found in galleries worldwide.


BA. UCLA Design. 2003.


“Memory Thief.” Rancho Notorious, Melbourne AU. 2011.


“CAVE Gallery Presents”   CAVE Gallery. Venice, CA. 2012.

“Beyond Eden”   Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. 2011.

“Macro-Micro”   New South Wales Art Gallery. Sydney, AU. 2011

“Mixed Business”   Ambush Gallery. Sydney, AU. 2010

“1,000 Journals Project”   Museum Of Modern Art. San Francisco, CA. 2007. 

“I Am 8Bit”   Gallery 1988. Los Angeles, CA. 2006

“Down Here It’s Our Time”   Gallery 1988. Los Angeles, CA. 2006.


“Christopher Cuseo”   I-Magazine. Bali. 2010.

“1,000 Journals Project”   Book & Documentary. 2007.

“Fros”   Rojo Magazine. Barcelona. Nov 2005.

“Los Angeles”   Italian D. Feb 2004.